How To Fix: The Update Is Not Applicable to Your Computer


How To Fix: The Update Is Not Applicable to Your Computer

"The update is not applicable to your computer" error when you install update in Windows 7"

Problem :

This issue happens on the grounds that update 2853587 is nurtured on the RTM form of the Microsoft-Windows-DirectoryServices-ADAM-Bundle Client bundle that possibly presents when Promotion LDS OOB is introduced. In any case, after SP1 is applied, the form of the bundle is expanded. Thusly, update 2853587 can't be applied.


To determine this issue, we have delivered a hotfix for Windows 7. Despite the fact that this issue has just been seen in Windows 7


To apply this hotfix, you must be running Service Pack 1 for Windows 7:

Download Service Pack 1 for Windows 7

Hotfix information:

An upheld hotfix is accessible from Microsoft. Nonetheless, this hotfix is expected to address just the issue that is portrayed in this article. Apply this hotfix just to frameworks that are encountering this particular issue.

Download Hotfix

Restart requirement

You may have to restart the computer after you apply this hotfix.

Please Check below mention Video for more details:

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